How to Tie a Palomar Knot

How To Tie A Palomar Knot for Drop Shot: Complete Guide

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Are you curious about how to tie a palomar knot? While surfing with fish, you will become familiar with some essential fishing knots, such as the Palomar tie. Some anglers think that Palomar knots are the best sort of fishing knots that can be used for braided and light fishing lines. I recommend this article for useful information about Palomar Knot usage instructions and benefits.

What is the Palomar knot for? Why is it used to tie?

Palomar knot

A Palomar knot technique is utilized for confining fishing lines to fishing hooks. Palomar knots can likewise be adapted for both monofilament fishing lines and braided fishing lines. When done accurately, this simplex knot is viewed as one of the most reliable varieties of fishing bunches to exist.

Best Knot For Braided Line

The Palomar knot is a straightforward, solid bunch that is most frequently utilized for connecting a fishing line to a hook or turn or appending a fly-fishing pioneer to a fly. If you seriously love to utilize braided lines, figuring out how to make a Palomar tie is an unquestionable requirement as numerous fishers believe this bunch to be an effective step.


Here are some Palomar knot benefits that will be fruitful for you

  • Palomar knots are a fruitful bunch for using 20-pound test fishing line.
  • This knot is not difficult to bond, which implies that it tends to be tied rapidly.
  • The Palomar knot has unexpectedly high strength (95% ).

Since this fishing tie is twofold—gone through the catch eye, tied, and afterward circled over the bait—it might tangle more straightforwardly, but is still a solid and gripping knot. On the off chance that you are figuring out how to fish, this is one of the fishing knots you might need to rehearse as much as could reasonably be expected.

How to tie a Palomar knot?

You can learn to tie a Palomar knot by following a couple of basic steps.

1.First of all, pleat around 06 inches of the line upon itself.

Take the bent line and pass it over in the direction of the hook.

2.Then arrange an overhand knot over the hook and leave a few inches on the end of the bent line.

3.Your bent/angled line now formed a loop and makes the loop over the lure.

4.Soak the line to overcome resistance and stretch together the tag and standing line to close the circle.

How to Tie a Palomar Knot for Drop Shot?

The first thing you need to do is start with a drop shot hook,but the key thing is the position of the eyes, and the eyes you can see here are bent back. You need to back because when you are tired , it’s going to sit horizontally like that on your main line, sure that the eye of hook is pointing towards the back. So what’d you have your hook picked out or the next thing you need to do to get tight on your line. We’re going to start tying a drop shot rig using a palomar knot.

Make sure you are going straight through the top side of the hook and going down.

Then we take that line and put the rig back to  once in cane so then lie come through and there become loop at backside

  1. So adjust the one end with the loop in one line and grab one end.
  2. Take a hook and put it at that end before you pull the line tight and the line becomes tight
  3. The hook should be horizontal and ready to go for the drop shot rig.
  4. You can use that knot for tying on any at ay lowers and on any terminal factors.

What are Palomar knot instructions?

This is the best knot used with a braided line. At the time when the hook is gone through the circle that all pieces of the knot get together.  Numerous portrayals of this knot seem as though the circle a piece of the bunch goes facing the lower part of the lure. you probably won’t remember to retie your knot as frequently because of the hardness of bait and the Palomar will likely hold up to more fish maltreatment as compared to other knots.

  • Make a loose overhand knot by the hook hanging from the lowest. 
  • Pass the loop of line over the hook while holding the overhand knot between your thumb and forefinger. Slide loop above the eye of the hook.
  • Tight knot onto the eye by pulling on a tag line as well as a straight line. Staple the tag end together.


Finally, after learning how to tie this knot, can you say it’s a simple but effective tool for safe fishing?

If you are still unsure about performing this task, simply ask someone who has mastered the knot. It won’t be long before they show you the way. Just use your best judgement and don’t leave anything behind when tying this special knot.

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