Best Surf Fishing Reels for 2023

Surf fishing is a good idea to spend a day out. Anglers mostly love fishing at the beach or seashores while using diverse techniques and practices. Casting with surf fishing become a handy task and make the spool allow for further casting.

Many anglers choose the beachside with many rods in the holder in the ground. The reel size depends upon the type of fish with intention. I will recommend the smaller reels with light lures.

Here are some best baitcaster surf fishing reels:

1.Penn Spinfisher VI Long Cast Surf Reel


Penn Spinfisher VI Long Cast Surf Reel


  • Material: Blend
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Weight: 0.76 Pounds

IPX5 Sealed Body and Spool Design

CNC Gear Technology

HP 100 Carbon Fiber Drag system

The Penn Spinfisher VI long casting reel is made for saltwater with a rubber gasket within spool to make the line straight and not get it twisted around spool. It comes in many sizes.

The reel is designed with metal body and CNC gears with stainless steel ball bearings (5+1 ball bearings).  The most useful feature is IPX5 sealed body. The IPX5 ranking certifies the reel can resist low-pressure spray.  The reel has a HT100 dragging system.

The  PennSpinfisher is an excellent and durable reel for anglers fishing processes.

The reels come with the following model and spec:

The 6500 reels with

Drag: 20 lbs

Weight: 24.4 oz

Line capacity: mono, 330/15

                        Braid: 335/40

The 7500 drag has 20  lbs and 27.9 weight

Line capacity: mono, 430/15

                       Braid: 490/50


2.Shimano Ultegra XTD Surf Casting Reel


Shimano Ultegra XTD Surf Casting Reel


  • Material: Blend
  • Color: Multi
  • Weight: 270 Gram

Another best surf fishing reel is named Shimano Ultegra XTD. The XTD reel is made with firm strong materials making it easy for getting large fish. this reel is used for strong braided lines with more than 33 pounds of drag.

The reel has tall spooling that is incredible for surf fishing on the grounds that there is less line drag which takes into account further projecting.

The reel additionally uses Aero Wrap II which is a two-speed spool swaying that puts the line in an example that decreases line drag and considers far projecting.

The reel is made with manufactured metal X-transport gears, without g body, moment drag, and has 4+1 protected S A-RB erosion safe metal balls. It additionally has a fixed waterproof fast drag. The reel doesn’t have a Bait caster switch yet a little turn of the drag handle takes the stagger from free spool mode to battle mode.

Models and Specifications

  • Model 14000 has the
  • Drag:44 lbs
  • Weight 19 oz
  • Braid: 270/40
  • Line capacity: mono, 230/16lbs

3.Daiwa Surf Fishing Reel


Daiwa Surf Fishing Reel


  • Material: Synthetic
  • Hand Orientation: Right Hand
  • Weight: 

The Daiwa is a Big Game Surf Fishing Reel that gives a good estimation of drag for aiming large fish like sharks and grouper fish. The reel comes in different sizes.

The reel is made with a carbon fiber outline that can be used for both left- and right-handed users, safeguarded tempered steel metal rollers, a Shark Fin plait prepared aluminum spool, a curiously large hardened steel principle shaft, and metal pinion gears. It has a fixed Intrusion Shield framework, which gives a hand keep with watering out of the spool, body, and rotor.

4.Shimano Thunnus Baitrunner Surf Reel


Shimano Thunnus Baitrunner Surf Reel


  • Material: Nylon
  • Battery: Spinning
  • Weight: 195 Grams

The Shimano Thunnus Ci4 is a Bait caster reel review that has functioned admirably for surf fishing. It has a front essential drag system and a subsequent back haul for the Baitcasting drag framework. A line the executive helps for additional projecting and assists with forestalling twists in the line.

The best framework that the reel provides is one bail, 6+1 S A-RB erosion safe direction and an enormous handle with safeguards to forestall salt residue from entering the bearing. This reel comes in 4 sizes that are altogether equipped for getting enormous saltwater fish.

The reel comes in different models has the following spec:

8000: weighs 19.4 oz, Drag 20 lbs,
Line capacity: Mono: 195/20 yd/lb,

Braid: 265/20 yd/lb.

12000: weighs 27.7 oz, Drag 25 lbs.
Line-capacity: Mono 265/20 yd/lb,

Braid 230/80 yd/lb.


5.Okuma Surf 8k Surf Fishing Reel


Okuma Surf 8k Surf Fishing Reel


  • Material: Aluminum, Stainless steel
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Weight: 26.9 Ounce

CFR Cyclonic Flow Rotor

Slow Oscillation System

Fast Drag System

The Okuma Surf 8K is a well-known surf fishing reel. it has a high limit and low limit spool. I’ll certify the lower limit spool, which holds many interlaced lines for surf fishing. The high-limit spool is better when utilizing a monofilament line.

This is a decent reel to use with twisted line and cast far distances. The reel is prepared with aluminum spool, graphite body, 5+1 hardened steel orientation, and amazing carbonized drag washers. The rotor gradually goes all over making the line laid such that case with negligible grating. This reel is worked for saltwater and fixed drag system.

8K: weighs 26.9 oz, Drag 39.7 lbs.
Line-capacity: Mono 600/16 yd/lb,

braid 600/40 yd/lb.

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